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Ashton Cheating Scandal, Week Iii: Here Come The Texts. Does Star Mag Finally Have A Real Scoop? 21.Sep.2010

Kill the bitch ...It seemed so unlikely, so farfetched at first. Not that Ashton would cheat on Demi; those rumors have been circulating for years - his co-stars, his exes, his stepdaughter, for cryin' out loud - but that he would be stupid enough to get caught. Like Paris Hilton, Ashton's "duh" is well-honed and played for full effect.

But this week's Star cover is their third devoted to Ashton's wandering sausage. The girl who claims Ashton boinked her on the couch of his marital home is milking her mistress tale a little more, this time including sexy text messages she allegedly exchanged with him during their brief exchange of bodily fluids. It probably seemed like the bargain of the century at the time - he didn't even have to buy her dinner! - but now it looks like it's gonna cost him plenty. In either legal fees or plastic surgery.

So, did he do it? He keeps issuing these weak statements about Star's "reckless conduct", but they seem like empty threats at best. More telling is his wife's behavior: Since the first cheating story broke, Demi has been stripping down for Twitter almost daily. Threatened much? Should be interesting to see what next week brings. Maybe Star can get nommed for the Pulitzer this year.