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Peta Sucks!! Peta Sucks!! How Could They Violate The Memory Of John Lennon? Yoko Ono Will Kick Their Asses 18.Jul.2008

How dare they? !? As well she should. Her days with John were probably the happiest of her life, and they brought much love and happiness to millions all over the world.

The douche nozzle on the left is one Corey Haim, former 80s teen star and current desperate junkie and publicity whore. He is or was on some lame reality show. The semi-exposed woman snuggled up to him is Susie, who I thought was his wife but is apparently Corey Feldman's wife. WTF? !? Shades of James Haven!

I've had it with the PETA bullshit. Yes, they're fighting for good things, but they need to lighten the f**k up. You can be a good person and eat meat. But that do-goodery can be undone in a flash by the desecration of someone as sacred to so many as John Lennon. Perhaps they're getting too much roughage.