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Sarah Palin To Use Campaign To Fulfill Her True Dreams. Coming Soon To A Pin-up Near You 25.Oct.2008

Where she belongsHey, if the shoe fits. It's not like she's got to know about foreign relations or who her neighbors are. All she has to do is smile and make sure her nipples are perky.

Sarah Palin is only in politics because she wants to be a star. She wasn't pretty enough to be a pageant queen, or talented enough to be a concert flutist, so she ran for office, the next best thing. She got all the attention and perks she wanted.

And look at her now! Massive spending sprees at only the finest stores. $22,000 in makeup and hair services. A guest-starring role on SNL where she actually fared better than in her day job.

This is only the beginning. After the election she'll make the rounds of all the morning shows, maybe a few guest spots on a sitcom or two, before landing her own talk show. Show biz is where she really wants to be, and she's much more suited to a role on the small screen than in the Oval Office. She could be the next Rachael Ray - say, moose burgers in 20 minutes or less, or how to keep the grizzlies out of your grill. She's a natural.