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Holy Potato Head! This Blind Item Sure Sounds Like Someone We Know 23.Jan.2009

Rhymes with Boomer? Bless you, Blind Gossip, for this juicy little morsel. And for bringing this "above it all" couple down a couple of pegs, providing it's true, of course. I can't think of who else it could be, though; can you?

Check it out:

"This celebrity couple is known for their commitment to each other despite their age difference. Each appears to have adapted well to parenting in a blended family. However, one parent was recently caught by one of their grown children in a compromising situation outside of the family. The child - who is also pursuing a career in acting - is now in the uncomfortable position of lying to the one parent about the other in order to keep the family intact."

Hmmm ... who could it be? Of course, it could be just a rumor. Get it? Poor kid. That's a tough spot to be in. I hope she's milking it for every dollar and perk she can. Then again, if it's who I think it is, I think Mom's got more money anyway. Best to put him out before he blows through her inheritance.