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Who Need Issues? Jon Stewart Says We're An Emotional Show, Not A Political Show... 25.Sep.2008

When funnymen Jon Stewart (pictured here), and David Letterman are making headlines (instead of the all important issues)-- doesn't it seems like this whole election is being played out like a bad parody of one of those VH1 reality shows?

In the new Entertainment Weekly piece, they asked Stewart -- 'studies have come out saying that many young people get their news from late-night comedy, and Jon has always pooh-poohed this idea. But your shows are some of the only ones out there actually digging into archival video to prove when politicians are lying or contradicting themselves. You might not want the responsibility, but haven't you been given it by default? '

'It's more that we're an emotional show, not a political show...' says Stewart.

'It's not a journalistic gotcha, it's just anger...It's easy when you're participating in the discussion to forget that people are watching and taping. Typically, politicians make you go back six months.' -- he adds, click here to read the full interview:

Check out this entertaining rant from Letterman: