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Let The Golden Showers Begin! Maniston And Mayer Are Doing It Again 15.Oct.2009

Johnifer rides again!!At least, so say People and Us Weekly, and if they say it's true it usually is. I dunno, though. It wouldn't be the first time her rep planted stories for attention.

It's hard to believe that Jen would even give John Mayer the time of day again, in light of the way he treated her the first two times they were together. He was hitting on club hos right in front of her. That grimace at the Oscars wasn't a gas bubble; she was pissed as hell that night. And not just because she'll never win one herself.

Sources say that the pair spent the night together at the Bowery last month and were very luvvy duvvy. Which brings us to motive: Why on earth would she take this douchebag back? Is he that good? Or is her rep that desperate? I'm a bit skeptical. She really couldn't be that stupid, right? Maybe she's renting him. I mean, he did go out and get an $800 haircut last week.