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Is Jack Wagner Responsible For Heather Locklear's Breakdown? He Doesn't Seem Terribly Concerned 04.Jul.2008

Has more important things to doThen again, he doesn't seem the type to be terribly concerned about anything except his trousers being perfectly creased and the paps shooting him from the right angle. He's a good looking guy and all, but perhaps he's a bit out of touch with reality.

He certainly doesn't seem as close to Heather as we thought, either. Since she was admitted to the hospital on June 19 for "an in-depth evaluation of her medication" he's only been to see her once, for a spot of Sunday lunch. That's it.

It makes you wonder. Was he at Heather's house the night her therapist called 911 because he was worried she'd commit suicide? Was he the reason she wanted to end it all? Everyone was so quick to assume it was fallout from an embarrassing divorce, but that's old news, despite all of Denise's efforts to keep it current. Of course, he may have stayed away on recommendation of her doctors, too. If their relationship was a factor in her meltdown it's probably for the best.