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Stylist Faces Certain Death: Angelina And Mimi Appear In Same Dress 06.Oct.2008

Ballpark franks or Filet mignon? This is not a case of "who wore it better? " This is a case of natural beauty versus unnatural compression. You know Mariah sent that stylist to the alligator pit over that one. She probably has the secret trap door set-up that Mr. Burns has on The Simpsons. Where do you think the rest of the towel holders, lip blotters and chin-wattle fanners go when they're banished? Seriously, you don't think she pays unemployment to all these people ... do you?

This week Mariah and Mother of the Chosen Ones, Angelina, appeared in the same dress (but at different events - you know Mariah wasn't invited to Angie's premiere). Mimi chose to pair her strapless dress with black tights - all the better to hide those thunder thighs, I guess - while Mama Angelina chose to bare her legs in her first post-partum public appearance.

Who do you think looks better? Well, I guess it depends on your taste. If you're a fan of shiny, overly-processed fast food with little nutritional value and questionable taste, then Mimi's for you. Hands down. If, however, you're a fan of all things healthy and natural, the warm glow of true contentment and joy, then the multiply-blessed mama is for you.