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The Lohan Chronicles: Did Dina Use Coke While Pregnant? It's All Your Fault, White Oprah! 26.Jun.2007

It's really no wonder Lindsay is where she is today.

Mom and Dad in happier days Oh, the Lohans are at it again. Last week they were fighting over money - Lindsay's money, that is, with Michael saying that Dina hasn't paid him what was promised in the settlement, and Dina countering that Michael violated the agreement by speaking to the press. Well, isn't that the pot calling the kettle stoned?

Michael is alleging that Dina used cocaine when pregnant with Lindsay. He first made that claim during their divorce proceedings, but then he had to get locked up and lost all credibility.

Being the shameless opportunist that she is, Dina wasted no time in driving a tree-sized wedge between Michael and the kids, making him out to be the big bad boogeyman. Soon no one would even take his calls. Meanwhile, Dina was finally living the life she had always dreamt of: the clubs, the clothes, the bottomless straw up her nose - and no one to take it away from her.

Lindsay's Getting CleanAnd Lindsay? Like Mom says, "She's doing great!" She has decided, wisely, to stay in Promises a little longer. At least she'll be safe there. Dina going to rehab is like the Pope going to Scores - ain't going to happen.