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Two And A Half Carjackings: Someone Stole Charlie's Car Again And Brooke's Going Back To Rehab - Coincidence? 15.Jun.2010

Can jack a car in 30 secondsI really don't think the two incidents have anything to do with each other. I mean, is Brooke even living at that house? I don't think so. But something fishy is going on here.

About four months ago, someone stole Charlie Sheen's car out of his driveway and drove it off a cliff. Dumbass left the keys in the ignition, but he does live in a gated community with security and surveillance cameras. Despite all that, cops never made an arrest in the case. Today, it was reported that the same thing happened again: Someone stole Charlie's car and drove it off a cliff in the Hollywood Hills. Cops are checking out the surveillance video again, but might not be able to ID a suspect because of poor quality. So ... what gives? Or better yet, who did Charlie piss off? Couldn't be his ex, Denise. They're actually on relatively friendly (read: no longer at eachother's throats) terms these days.

Which brings us to our final contestant, current beleaguered spouse Brooke Mueller, who showed up at an event last week lit up like a Roman candle. Today TMZ reported that Brooke will be entering a 30-day program. Guess that whole rehab-at-home thing was a wash - big surprise there. Bitch needs to wise up. She's already done the 30-day program a number of times. She needs to clean up her act for her kids' sake. They need at least one parent with their head screwed on straight.