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Jennifer Aniston Finally Wears Out Her Welcome At Courtney's House. What Will She Burn On The Beach This Time? 13.Dec.2007

Jennifer, let go of my dress now. I have to go.If I had my guess, I'd say pictures of David Arquette. The guy's been a saint, but he and Courtney want another baby and all those late night calls kept messing with his rhythm.

David Arquette has finally laid down the law, telling his wife she has to choose between him and her loser friend. Every time he turns around, the big-boned Maniston is there. Holidays. Vacations. For days on end, and he's had enough. It's hard to get frisky with that bony thing around.

Maybe Courtney is just letting David do her dirty work for her. Tensions have reportedly been building between the friends because of Jennifer's incessant demands for Courtney's attention, leading to a huge falling out that may or may not have led Aniston to reach out to her ex, Brad Pitt. I find that a bit far-fetched, just as I do the idea that Brad's parents invited her to join them for the holidays. She should just get herself a pet rock already.