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Holy Buttaface! What In The Name Of Botox Has Lindsay Done To Her Face? 03.Oct.2009

How many fingers am I holding up? Seriously, she's only 22, yet she looks at least 35 on a good day. To paraphrase an old Eagles tune, nothing puts lines on a woman's face like those lines on a mirror ... bitch is looking haggard lately.

Or was, but it looks like someone paid a little trip to the plastic surgeon. This is obviously a less-than-flattering shot, but even here you can see the dramatic changes to her face. The frown lines in her forehead are gone, and her lips and cheeks are blown way up. Oh, and one of her eyebrows is frozen about two inches above the other. She's still that lovely Tang shade of orange, though. That Sevin Nyne must be really good shit. Just a dab and you can look like a bleary-eyed coke whore, too.