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George Clooney And Fabio Can't Believe They're Not Buddies 08.Nov.2007

In this corner, the divinest George ClooneyOK, I'll do my best to remain impartial here, but you know that the Clooney and I have some history, In this corner, margarine peddler Fabioright? And no, I didn't just make it all up. It just has to be true.

Page Six didn't have to make up their shit, either. They have eyewitnesses who saw George and the Butter Whore nearly come to blows over pictures Fabio's gaggle of girls were taking. George was dining with his other woman, Sarah. George assumed they were shooting him and became upset. Words were exchanged. Birds were flipped.

Fabio told George not to be "such a diva". The manly men commenced a brief pushy-shovey thing that was easily broken up by wait staff. Whew. That was close. Fabio's publicist says that George is lucky he didn't end up in the ER. George is probably thinking he should've planted that butter-faced bitch in the bread basket where he belongs.