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Is Oksana Pregnant? Mel Gibson's 7 Other Kids Will Go To Court To Protect Their Shares 08.May.2009

Oopsie!It was bad enough when Mom filed for divorce. After almost 30 years something finally made Robyn throw in the towel. Was it news of an impending love child?

According to Showbiz Spy, Mel's greedy-looking new girlfriend Oksana is pregnant and his seven other children with Robyn are flipping out. Mel tried to reason with them, telling them that it was an unplanned pregnancy, but they know his track record. In just a few short years there could be hundreds of new Gibsons, all raring to go with their hands out. Hell, they are his track record, and they're worried they'll be cast aside for Dad's new family. More specifically, once Mom gets done cleaning his clock in divorce court they're worried he'll have nothing left, and they're preparing to go to court to protect their inheritance.

Could this be the reason Robyn decided to make it official after allegedly living apart for three years? It certainly would make sense; it had to be something major to get such a devout Catholic to take such a drastic step.