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Britney Spears, Glutton For Punishment: Lolly-sucking Fattie Hits Club Scene With Alli On Way To Looney Bin. 06.Aug.2007

Remember Alli Sims? She was Britney's assistant, occasional nanny and muffin tin a while back, when suddenly she cut out, claiming that she couldn't take all the drama anymore. A heartbroken Britney had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find her replacement, who was too banged up to last a full month. Just when all hope was lost, hey, look what the cat dragged in ... Are you wearing underwear? I'm not.That's right, folks. Alli is back once again, and eager to share the spotlight with her bughouse-crazy cousin. She's got a new album and website to promote, after all. Don't forget, none of Britney's "people" are doing their jobs out of the kindness of their hearts. They're well-paid to tell her whatever she wants to hear.

Alli's reappearance does nothing to ease my mind. If she wanted to help her she sure as hell wouldn't be going out with her. She'd be taking her to a doctor or psych ward somewhere, on the double, before she hurts herself or someone else. I agree with all the other reports that Britney's problems don't seem to be rooted in substance abuse. She's not cracked out, she's wacked out. If she's on drugs, she's probably self-medicating herself. So what's it going to take before she gets help? If she snaps, I wouldn't want to be a paparazzo - give that girl a patio umbrella and she'll take you out. She's not a happy camper.