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Lauren Conrad Attacked By Spencer And Heidi! Look What They Did To Her Dress! 18.Aug.2008

About as sexy as creamed cornLike, oh. My. God. That was, like, real polyester. Lauren is so confident in her own star power that she pitches a diva fit wherever she goes and slaps her name on overpriced crappy fashion that looks like it was made with Grandma's mildewed old curtains. LC tries to play it cute and sweet on her show, but don't let that crap fool you. She's a cold-hearted bitch through and through.

That little barracuda better watch out for the other hungry little fishes in the pool, though. Heidi and Spencer have been super busy forcing themselves into events all over town and thrusting themselves in front of photographers every chance they get - security at the DMV has had to kick them out three times this week alone.

And now the little weasels are plotting a coup. Hoping to force Lauren out of the show that made her a household name, Speidi are planting rumors that she's tired of The Hills and wants to go back to the Valley. Not to worry, fans; the sickening and shameless pair are happy to step in and take over the show. They're also planning a live TV wedding ... that way they can party like rock stars on someone else's tab. Just like they always do.