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It's Going Down! Audrina Gets A Taste Of Lauren's Inner Tuesday 10.Jun.2008

No mensa here... as in "C U Next ..." Get it? You'd think she could at least look startled. Not Audrina. She has the eyes of a dead fish all day, every day. She's even creepier than Speidi. And like the millionaire couple, it seems Audrina and her overexposed yet perky rack are finally seeing the other side of LC: the jealous, spiteful, beef curtain bitch that she is. (And no, I'm not playing favorites. I hate them all.)

Audrina never saw it coming. She was only doing a photo shoot in the backyard of the house Lauren pretends to rent and sublets a room to Audrina. The only problem is Lauren had already promised an exclusive shot of the elusive backyard where no one really lives to another publication. Unaware that her own rep had given Audrina a green light, Lauren blew an unaugmented tit. Can't you just hear her? "You better remember who the star is around here" or "I made you, and I can break you, too", or maybe "Your chest is ugly, and everyone knows they're not real".

TMZ's spies said that the blowout put the entire set on edge, even though they didn't get it on film. How's that for ironic? Keep an eye on the headlines, though. If history repeats itself, expect to see disparaging articles about Audrina hit the web later this week, next week, tops.