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The Kills And The Case Of The Missing Bus Driver: Have You Seen This Man? 13.Oct.2008

This is Brian the bus driver. Have you seen him? This curious tale was brought to you courtesy of our friends over at Agent Bedhead.

The Kills are an up-and-coming British band, known more for their lead singer, Jamie Hince's on-off romance with Kate Moss than for their music. And now they're gaining notoriety for an entirely different reason.

Their tour bus driver has disappeared without a trace. After three days the bus turned up in the parking lot of a Best Western they didn't stay in. All their clothing and possessions were found intact on the bus ... but the driver, his wallet and cell phone were not.

This is Brian Berkenkemper, a 41-year-old Nashville native. He's not as chubby as he was in this picture. He does not have a history of substance abuse or an arrest record. He was supposed to be driving to Texas to meet up with the band, who flew ahead, but never showed up. His phone was turned off a few hours after his last conversation with a crew member, and has been off since. Brian surely has friends and family that are worried about him. If anyone knows anything, drop Jamie a line at The Kills MySpace page.