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I Don't Mind If Whitney Houston Smokes Pot 14.May.2007

Hits the bottle and moves right to the rock. (Much thanks to Beck) Is Whitney getting blunt?

We were all so proud of Whitney. She cleaned up her act, got off the pipe and put her free-loading scum-sucking husband on the curb with the rest of the drug paraphenelia and doodyballs. Taken back under the wing of the people who made her famous twenty years ago, Whitney seemed to blossom anew.

Could celebration of Whitney's sobriety be premature? The above shot was taken at a huge celebrity gala and opening in the Bahamas this weekend. A celebrity free-for-all with no bounds, the bash at the new Cove brought out publicity-hungry A-, B- and D-listers, as well as those defying either explanation or classification: The crone and the owned Yes, that is in fact Star "Whore My Ass Out Of A Job" Jones-Reynolds and her captive rent boy, Al Reynolds. Check out Big Gay Al's hot hair extensions! Wonder whose idea that was? Don't be shy, Star. It's like dressing up little dogs like cheerleaders.