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Strike Counterstrike: John Edwards' Pathetic Babymama To Do Barbara Walters 21.May.2009

But I didn't mean to: Musta been a slip of the dickBut not the way she did John Edwards. No, this she's out to tell her side of the story. You know, because she felt this compelling need to rub salt in the wounds of a terminally ill woman. Hasn't she done enough damage? Couldn't she just shut up and go away somewhere?

Originally Rielle Hunter was going to do just that. She and the errant cocksman found a patsy to take the heat as the baby's father. A wealthy donor set Rielle and the baby up in a California mansion but when the donor passed away Rielle was left broke and homeless. The money he was allegedly funneling to her from his campaign funds has dried up, as have her prospects of ever having a respectable job again. Bitch is pissed, broke and desperate.

I can understand Rielle's anger, and don't blame her for wanting to set the record straight when she's getting bashed in the press while John tries to play the pious role, but she made her bed and now she has to fester in it. She's lucky that Elizabeth Edwards is the well-bred lady that she is - most women would've beaten the snot out of her for what she did.