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Russell Crowe Says Leo Dicaprio Was A Virgin Until He Came Along 30.Oct.2007

Doesn't even have to try anymoreBut now he's a man, thanks to you, Maximus, I mean, Master and Commander, I mean, beautiful minded math dude. Yes, Russell, you are a hot mess, even when you're being a dick. But couldn't you keep that little tidbit to yourself?

Leo, on the other hand, annoys me endlessly. He was in one big hit, it made him a star, and he's been coasting ever since. And while he gets plenty of supermodel action now, it wasn't always that way.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Russell talked about working with Leo when he was just 17. "He was a virgin and he? d talk about that constantly."

This is a surprisingly frank statement from someone usually so adverse to publicity. It makes you wonder what Leo did to piss him off. Russell is a notorious hard-ass. If he even perceived a slight he'd come back with both barrels blazing. Russell softens the blow a bit by laughing it off, saying he hopes Leo fills him in on what's happened between then and now, but he shouldn't hold his breath. I don't think DiCaprio has much of a sense of humor.