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Christina Ricci Stole Jessica Biel's Ass. Well She Is Trying At Least. 12.Aug.2009

hot ChristinaAbout two years ago Christina Ricci said she wished she had a body, specifically an ass, like Jessica Biel's. It seemed impossible at the time considering that Christina Ricci is about 5 feet tall and has the frame of a 10-year-old. If she had Jessica's ass she would fall over. I mean have you see Jessica's ass? It has its own zip code. You could set up camp there (though it still has got nothing on J.Lo. Even at 40 Jenny's ass is still on a whole different block. Okay that was dumb.) However, Christina showed up at the premiere of Inglorious Bastards looking muscular and curvaceous. Maybe she will date Justin next.petite ChristinaJessica