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Gq Will Have To Do. Jennifer Aniston Is Out Of Vogue 11.Dec.2008

She should consider herself lucky. Her one success is now ancient history. Everything since then has fallen short, both on-screen and off. One thing Jen's always been able to fall back on, though, is that body. As much as I like to kid about her man hands and masculine jawline, with the right lighting and a good airbrusher ... she looks really good. Not at all like the scowling spinster spotted by the paps.

Numerous failures aside, Aniston does think highly of herself. That's why she was disappointed by Vogue's "tabloid" take on how she still hasn't gotten over being dumped for a younger, sexier, Oscar-winning baby machine. Aniston had America's sympathy as the wife scorned, but that marriage was in trouble long before Angelina came to town. Otherwise she wouldn't have had a fighting chance.

In her continued efforts to promote Marley & Me (which despite the presence of the Butterscotch One looks to be a bit of a dog), Jennifer opened up more to GQ about her lingering resentment of the golden couple and her renewed relationship with massively-endowed John Mayer. "It's just great to sit and be witness to that," she gasped. "It's kind of like, Whoa!" (She actually said that about his musical abilities. What she'd say about his other skills is probably not fit to print. Even here.)