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Richie Sambora Popped For Dui, May Also Face Child Endangerment Charges 26.Mar.2008

Dumb like a postHow's your head today, Richie? What hurts worse, the hangover or the contusions you received at the hands of your enraged former spouse?

Richie Sambora is both a stupid f**k and a lucky douche. He was stupid enough to drive drunk in a gigantic black Hummer (like a suburban Sherman tank) with some woman and two children, one of whom was his ten-year-old daughter, Ava. Cops spotted him driving erratically and pulled him over. Richie failed several field sobriety tests and was brought in, where he declined a breathalyzer but submitted to a blood test.

The cops called Heather from the scene, and agreed to let the woman who was with Richie drive Ava home, which means she must have been sober. So why wasn't she driving? Richie has been in rehab at least twice; surely he knew he was in no condition to drive. The fact that he insisted on driving while impaired with children in the car would seem to indicate that a problem still exists. The fact that he did so without hurting or killing anyone means he got a lucky break; I hope he uses it to get his addictions under control before worse happens. Maybe Cirque Lodge has a summer camp program - he can bunk with Eddie and the Hoff!