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Courtney Love: This Is The Face Of Batshit Crazy. Could Also Use A Sandwich 28.Jul.2008

Walking curtain rod

Wow, those granny panties are HOT! She must have gotten the two-for-one special, and put the other pair on her head.

I guess she must spend all her money on clothes ... or filling her purse with prescription drugs. Not that anyone's implying she's become a pill freak. And even if someone did, either she wouldn't care or she'd post an unintelligible MySpace rant. Bitch can't spell for beans.

I guess Courtney's new addiction is to starvation, because she keeps getting thinner and thinner every time she's spotted. I didn't think she could get any thinner and still walk, but I guess it's that Ensure she lives on that keeps her going.

Whatever it is she's doing these days, it's not doing her any good. She looks like she's pushing 70 instead of 45. She doesn't seem to be such a good influence on Frances Bean in this state. I'd be that it's Frances who does all the caregiving in that house.