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Not So Pretty... 09.Sep.2007

We're a tiny 'pop culture blog... but, isn't it funny that the media is playin' extra quiet here (or extra dumb as with this case) ...not to worry, we'll help you out...'since "media coverage" falls under that umbrella of (pop) culture thing-ys we might talk about....yea, yea, 'sometimes Racial Injustice and entitlement are not 'hella funny...but the knee slapper is the lack of media attention this whole Jena 6 case is getting (or not getting...this story screams for that special Oprah moment to make us all feel better about ourselves) -- 'tale of six black boys, who face lifetime jail sentences for an alleged assault on a white peer in Jena, La., is nowhere in my news channels:

Pass the word along to those that might care (or at least buy a damn shirt)!