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Behold, Today's Feminist Hero According To The New York Times: Heidi Montag 24.Mar.2008

Does this look like something to aspire to? !? That's right. She's got a fake nose, fake tits, and a brain the size of a f***ing soybean, but according to Ginia Bellafante, "Heidi has emerged as a kind of feminist hero this season". Bellafante goes on to praise Heidi's upward movement in her pretend job and her refusal to "acquiesce to the demands of" that douchebag pretend boyfriend she blindly follows around.

If this is a feminist hero, the female race is totally f***ed. That's like saying Lauren Conrad is a fashion visionary, or Brody Jenner is the next Warren Beatty just because he's had sex with the equivalent of the population of a third world country. It's like calling Britney a music legend instead of a washed up teen pop star. It's like calling Bush a diplomatic genius.

Heidi Montag is not a feminist, and she's certainly no hero. She's a plastic person with plastic tits in a plastic world. Never mind the 90210 reunion ... Bring back Melrose Place!