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Is Greasy Bear On The Tara Reid Diet Plan? And Why Is He Traveling With Thousands In Cash? 14.Jan.2008

Greasy BearI mean, he's still gleamingly greasy, but he's shed some weight there. I'd say about 30 pounds, if not more, and rather quickly. Has something changed in Greasy's life, perhaps a sudden influx of cash and an unlimited supply of marching powder?

It's been long rumored that Brandon gets the A List what they crave, but he went through a rough patch last year after a couple of unsuccessful rehab attempts. His grandmother got pissed off and cut him off from his trust fund, and he was bouncing checks coast to coast.

So what do we attribute Greasy's sudden lean physique and fat wallet? He's still the most unpopular guy in the group - his girlfriend even left him at Customs when he was detained for entering Australia carrying too much cash, but perhaps she had her own reasons for getting out while she still could.