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Potus: Somewhere A Village Is Missing Their Idiot. Is It November Yet?!? 14.Jul.2008

Behavior not becoming of his position

Dumb freakin' redneck. Um, hey, W! You're supposed to be the Commander In Chief. The leader of the greatest country in the world. Didn't your mama teach you that there's a time and place for everything? You must have been out that day.

As America swings into the home stretch of the election year, millions of people are losing their jobs and/or homes and our economy is the worst it's been since ... oh, since the first Bush took the reins. Don't expect things to get any better any time soon.

Who will win? It's a pretty close race right now. One thing on which we can rested assured: W will go back to Texas, where he can belch and fart and belly-bump till the cows come home.