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Jennifer Aniston Still Under Spell Of Mayer's Magically Massive Meat Missile, Hands Over Keys To Car As Well As Her Heart 05.Jun.2008

I'm a secret agent on a secret missionOr is it massively magical? Maybe just magically delicious. Jen is so grateful for John and his enthusiastic thrusting action, she let him take her wheels to the store. And what does Dodo McDouchebag do? He gets a ticket for driving her Range Rover down a pap-infested street with no plates. He probably honked the horn and yelled out, "Hey, look at me! I'm a douchebag! But that's OK! I have a really big schlong and I can get away with it!"

Yes, Jennifer has fallen, and fallen hard, for the Wonderland singer. Since she wrapped filming Marley and Me they've been practically inseparable. Jen even brought John to the Arquettes for dinner (no word on whether he made the grade, however). Sources say he's moving into her beachfront house, but they said the same thing about Paul Sculfor, and he's banging Cameron Diaz now.

How will we know it's really serious? When we see John walking her dog. Once they hand over the leash, you know it's the real deal.