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Sean Preston Bonding With The Funny Hat Lady With The Bumpy Chest 24.May.2007

With all the hats, weaves, scarves and zippered leather hoods (OK, maybe not that last) that Mama Britney's rocking these days, it's a miracle that her boy even recognizes her. Regardless of what's being said about her behavior lately, this is a picture of a happy mother and son. Brit and Sean P I still cannot understand why this girl refuses to wear a bra, especially with white tank tops. Britney, we're trying to be patient and supportive here, but your nipples are falling faster than Katie Couric's ratings. Soon they will be dragging on the ground. You could trip and almost drop one of your kids again.

It's good to see Britney spend some time with Sean P., although we'd really like to see the other one - the rumors out there about why she continues to keep him under wraps vary from fetal alcohol syndrome to Down's Syndrome to just plain ugly. A couple of grainy, bleary shots have surfaced that do bear a strong resemblance to Sean, but nothing has been confirmed or denied.

After a brief hiatus Britney will continue her 12-minute lip-synched mini-concerts in select Motel 6 and truck stop diners nationwide. Come on in - Britney will leave the light on for ya.