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Nicolas Cage: Dognapper, Drunk Driver, Bully Of Drunken Older Co-star ... And Tax Cheat? 21.Feb.2008

Not his real mug shotIs Nicolas Cage being singled out? If so, is it because he married a girl young enough to be his daughter and gave his son a totally stupid name? (Name your child after Superman's father and see if he doesn't come home lumped up every day.) Even if he didn't drive drunk or steal Chihuahuas, what did he do to Kathleen Turner to make her hate him so much she'd want to destroy his reputation?

For her sake, I hope it wasn't her tax returns. Cage is currently engaged in a battle with the IRS over $3.3 million in personal expenses he tried to write off to his production company. The IRS contends that things like "limos, meals, gifts, travel and his Gulfstream 1159A turbojet" are not business expenses; Cage's business manager counters that such expenses are "customary in the entertainment industry," a claim that is not unrealistic. It's write-offs like these that keep people like Travolta and Cruise actively film-making - they need something to charge against. It's almost like a rarefied money laundering scheme. Cage has filed a lawsuit in US Tax Court disputing over $800,000 in taxes and penalties that are most likely compounding daily, and this issue could take years to resolve. The government's usual strategy is to simply wait the taxpayer out; they've got more time than the citizen has money. This may not work with a wealthy celebrity, though.