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The Hills Are Alive With The Help Of Lots And Lots Of Adderall 14.Apr.2008

Not very close friendsThat explains Audrina's dead eye stare. Does that bitch even blink, or does she only close her eyes when she takes off her shirt? And that crap about how she was so young when those pictures were taken that she was gullible and taken advantage of? Maybe her parents believe that crap, but I don't. Nothing any of those girls does is genuine or spontaneous ... and now we know why.

According to the New York Daily News, a certain show "keeps its dim-witted if ultra-popular 'reality' stars peppy with Adderall supplied by a producer in handfuls between scenes". Could it be the girls on The Hills? Dim-witted if ultra-popular certainly fits the bill for that bunch - I don't think they'd even make it on Wheel of Fortune, never mind Jeopardy. The Adderall would certainly make them easier to manage, too - it's supposed to suppress impulsive behavior; in short, create a docile herd of doped-up sheep that can be manipulated with little or no objection. What happens when they go off their "meds"? Outbursts of the type that Brody Jenner exhibited at Heidi's fashion show this weekend.