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Holy Disco Dust! Pamela Anderson Celebrates 41st Birthday Wacky, Tacky And Cracked Out 07.Jul.2008

I heard something! Did you hear that? Yes, I know she's a snorter and not a smoker, but damn! Look at those pupils! I haven't seen eyes that big since Bambi hit the big screen.

Pammie has really slid downhill since she split from Porn Boy Rick Solomon. Now that there's no one around who cares enough to keep her off the mirror she's been a total mess. The rest of the pictures from her sordid birthday soiree feature Pam with severe bedhead, but not because she got tacked to the mattress ... I think she's trying to hide her massively dilated pupils.

It is odd that Tommy wasn't there to help her "cut the cake", as it were, but perhaps he was being the good parent. Isn't that what Kid Rock used to complain about? She'd be out living the high life and he'd be home with the kids. All that champagne and fairy dust has made her an unreliable hostess as well. When she does show up on time she's a royal rhymes-with-eleFUNT. She better be careful before she ends up doing the Australian circuit with Tara Reid.