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Nick Lachey Dumped Vanessa Because He Was Pretty Bored, Couldn't Afford That 10-carat Ring 27.Jun.2009

Now you've got NO caratsOh, how is she going to top this one? Since Nick and Vanessa admitted they were over, they've had a dose of reality: No one cares what they do, together or apart. So in order to milk that last few minutes of publicity they'll have to trash each other. Let the spin begin!

Coming out swinging like a girl, Nick claims that he was getting "pretty bored" with that greedy old hag, who showed her true colors by demanding an engagement ring of 10 carats or better. That was laughable - even if they had sold the hot tub pictures themselves they wouldn't have made enough to afford a 10-carat ring. Like I said, no one cares.

Be sure to stay tuned as Vanessa sharpens her claws and heads for the mic. She'll say he beats puppies or stomps on babies, and that he just used her for her fame. I hear she's pretty delusional that way.