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Hey, Jen: Brad And Angie May Be Uncool, But They've Got Sag Award Nominations (& 6 Kids) And You Don't 19.Dec.2008

If only I could do this on TVIt doesn't matter how many times Jen takes off her clothes or takes a spin on the pity train for attention. She will never be a leading movie actress. It's just not her genre.

But if they had an award for say, milking a painful and public breakup for the longest time or most failed relationships, homegirl would be a shoo-in. Jen's peeps need to find her another Friends-type vehicle; she just doesn't translate well to the big screen. She is, however, great in sitcom mode (and received lots of awards for that), and should stick to what's she good at.

I think Brad and Angie are going to clean up during this year's awards season. I'm looking forward to catching Benjamin Button, but don't think I could watch The Changeling, and honestly don't know how she was able to play that role without having a breakdown. Then again, she's played other gutwrenching roles and lived to tell the tale. I hope she doesn't "retire" like she's been threatening to lately; it would be a huge loss to the industry.