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Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? How Does She Keep Landing These Hot Looking Guys (excluding Vince Vaughn Of Course)? 27.Dec.2007

Roly poly Maniston? As manly as she is, I guess she has working lady parts after all. I guess not having Brad's baby was a matter of choice and not fertility.

The National Enquirer claims that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, presumably by Sex and the City hottie Jason Lewis. The two are said to be practically living together, and Jason's mother supposedly flew out to LA to meet her. Getting pregnant is young Hollywood's antidote to the writers' strike. Jessica Simpson should jump on the bandwagon before it's too late ... or before the Romo meets someone younger and hotter.

If Jen is pregnant, good for her. It will give her something to do besides shopping and going to the gym, and she'll be able to hang out with Courtney again. I don't know if she'll ever get married again, though. She'll probably have a whopper of a pre-nup if she does ... but one helluva honeymoon. He's dreamy.Jason Lewis