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Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees A Troublemaker Without Booze Or Lesbian Friends 07.Feb.2008

Pageants Kill. Look What Happened To KatieI guess she's just asserting her independence. Those beauty queens sure are volatile. More like f***ing crazy.

You may remember Katie from the lesbian picture scandal that cost her the Miss Nevada crown. While there was little hard core nudity, they were pretty racy. Katie pleaded the young and drunk card, but Trump still yanked her crown. Since then Katie turned down Playboy but has signed a two-year contract to host a "variety show" at the Hard Rock in Vegas run by Jeff Beacher of Beacher's Madhouse, where she's probably entitled to all the same-sex she can ... eat.

You'd think things are looking up for the saucy little vixen, right? Perhaps not. She got pulled over for speeding the other night in Vegas. When the cops ran her license and paperwork, they found that her license was suspended and her reggie had expired. When they told Katie she wasn't leaving behind the wheel, she had a tantrum and allegedly became violent, earning a trip to the hoosegaw for the night. Way to go, bimbo! At least she wasn't popped for DUI.