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Who's More Of A Diva: Jessica Biel Or Jake Gyllenhaal? You Might Be Surprised 19.Apr.2008

I have a delicate constitutionJakey Poo always tries to come off with this low-key, just-a-regular-guy kind of vibe, and who knows, maybe he was just a regular guy before hits like The Day After and Brokeback Mountain. Well, times have changed for the prettier Gyllenhaal, and he has needs now that are important to the execution of his art. Or some happy horseshit like that.

Jake and Jessica are filming a movie called Nailed in South Carolina, and Jessica is just bowling the locals over with her sweetness and kind nature - seriously. She's been incredibly generous - posing for hundreds of photos and having a blast. The reason for her sudden elation? She's got her dog and rump-squeezing "assistant" with her, but no little man Timberlake. That means no tantrums, no unreasonable demands, and she gets to take the top. Jessica loves to be the top.

Jake, on the other hand, has been a whiny, pissy little toddler on the Nailed set, complaining about every little thing he can, and even cost the production an extra day of filming because of his childish antics.