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Did Madonna Get A Ribbon Lift? That Would Explain Those Puffy Jowls Before The Oscars 07.Mar.2009

Where does the extra skin go? And I guess that's why she didn't shave that day. I thought her jawline looked kinda weird ...

A plastic surgeon who doesn't actually know Madge and has not treated her says she looks like she had a ribbon lift, a new procedure where they insert a biodegradable ribbon embedded with teeny tiny hooks behind the ear. When they pull the ribbon tight it pulls the face tight again. People marveled over how young Madge looked at the Oscars; she probably had the procedure right before the show.

This doctor also suggested that the procedure didn't go completely as planned, and that the ribbon isn't dissolving properly. If you look carefully you might be able to see a ribbon-like line under the skin going down her neck from her ear. Of course that could just be some of that legendary granny gristle bulging out, too. It sure hasn't kept her from trying to swallow Baby Jesus's face every chance she gets.