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Lock The Bitch Up: Bernie Madoff's Wife Swiped $15 Million Right Before His Ponzi Collapsed 12.Feb.2009

Would rob your mother: so would wifeRuth Madoff is described as a 67-year-old cookbook author. She's also wife of the biggest crook in Wall Street history. Her piece of shit husband is accused of stealing $50 billion from trusting investors. He's under house arrest in his luxury Park Avenue apartment, from which he's tried to smuggle out as much hidden wealth as he can before the feds take it all away. Now it turns out he had an accomplice - but did she know what she was doing?

The day before Madoff was arrested Ruth withdrew $10 million from a securities fund, and two weeks before that she took $5.5 million out of another securities fund. Both funds were administered by her husband's firm. This money is being used now to pay for Bernie's defense and the 24-hour security detail the court ordered as part of his plush detainment.

If Ruth really didn't know what was going on, at worst she could be held civilly liable and have to pay the $15 million back. If investigators find she aided and abetted her husband's diversion of funds she could be up on criminal charges, too. And well should be. These people have held themselves above the law since this story broke. Madoff has already settled a civil suit by the SEC without having to admit any wrongdoing, and the feds have only been able to recover a fraction of what was stolen. Madoff and his family will continue to live in splendor while their victims lose their homes, their life savings, everything they worked their whole lives for. Yet I'd be surprised if he gets any jail time.