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Stupidest Baby Name Ever: Zuma Nesta Rock. Hang Your Heads In Shame, Gwen And Gavin 22.Aug.2008

Make room for Zuma

Kingston wasn't too bad. It was unusual, but kind of hip and cool. But Zuma? It sounds like a cartoon character or a malt beverage, not a child's name.

I googled Zuma, and came up with some video game (free download!) that is supposed to improve your dexterity while turning your brain to pulp. How that relates to the fruit of someone's loins is unclear, but apparently Gwen and Gavin have a fixation with geography. They named their first son, Kingston, after the city in Jamaica. Their new son is allegedly named after a beach in Malibu. Ain't that sweet?

Aside from a name that will probably get his ass kicked repeatedly on the playground, Zuma is said to be healthy and happy, and both baby and mom are doing well. I'm sure Gwen can't wait to drop all that baby blubber and go back to her super-sleek fighting weight. No word on any tabloid wars, real or imagined, for pictures.