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Jennifer Lopez Was Afraid She Forgot How To Act. Everyone Else Knows She Never Knew 04.Jun.2009

But I don't wanna go awayY'know? I know, you know, but she never had a clue. All of her releases have bombed. She just cannot act, but no matter what anyone tells her she refuses to believe it. She's desperate to become relevant again, and is threatening to torture us with more of her acting.

In an interview with ET, JLo talked about being scared that she'd forgotten how to act while out on maternity leave. That's because Skeletor's got her cut off from the outside world, stowed away in a Long Island mansion with a full staff to give her the diva treatment, day in and day out. He wants a housewife, but she's missing the limelight. Unfortunately for her, the limelight has moved on.

Will Jennifer Lopez ever find a way to convince another producer or director to pay her millions of dollars to be awful again? It's not likely; the recession has also hit Hollywood, and people just aren't throwing their money away on garbage anymore. She should stick to the country club scene.