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Zach Braff: Not Such A Great Guy After All? 21.Jun.2007

Zach has developed a bad rap lately. Since his break up with Mandy Moore, there have been numerous reports of him trying to get his hooks into any chick that'll have him. The more intriguing info I've seen surface is that he cheated on Mandy. There are rumors that a track on her upcoming album will be about Zach's cheating ways.

Now what have we learned? Not only is Braff a serial cheater. But he also can't stop pawing at girls. He was spotted getting gropey with Shiri Appleby (from "Roswell") at Shakespeare in the Park. So, we have also learned that he is shameless. I mean, in plain sight... in Central Park... during Shakespeare? In that outfit? The V neck really isn't flattering.