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Happy Birthday, Melanie Griffith: We're So Glad You Stopped The Plastic Surgery Before Your Chin Snapped. 09.Aug.2007

Doesn't look a day over ...(Thanks to TMZ for the great image.) Hey, any woman who can keep a stallion like Antonio Banderas in her stable is queen for a day in my book. Ai, papi!

Melanie and Antonio have been keeping a low profile since the Shrek tour, when Melanie had to hop a transatlantic flight to keep her husband out of the grasp of She Who Comes From the Sea (yes, Cameron, I'm talking about you again). Melanie emerged victorious from what had to have been the cat fight of the century. She may not be young and in the gym every day, but I bet she made short work of butch little Cami. Maybe she even taught her to stick to single men she can bench press instead of middle-aged men she can put into traction.

And let's not forget Melanie lived through being married to Don Johnson (aka Sonny Crockett) not once, but twice. She's also successfully undergone rehab to kick a notoriously monstrous cocaine habit. If she would just quit smoking, she wouldn't have to get a facelift every three months. Then maybe people could recognize her and she could get work again.