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Not Dead Yet, But Not For Lack Of Trying: See Lindsay's Shocking New Photos 29.Apr.2010

Blohan got a gunThis is beyond disturbing. This is beyond a cry for help. This is a hopelessly lost, hopelessly strung out train wreck, in constant turmoil but taking a long-ass time to hit the ground. It's getting like a really bad soap opera - of absolutely no entertainment value anymore but you gotta see how it ends. It ain't lookin' good.

As the parent of a child who struggled with many of the same issues that Lindsay is denying she has, I can say that this picture made my blood run cold. Lindsay is a known cutter. People who cut and do drugs do it to relieve stress - it's a form of escape from the things you can't deal with. And the more street drugs they do, the worse their disorder becomes. If Lindsay is playing with guns, her life could be in danger. Her idiot parents need to stop talking to the press and f**king do something to save their daughter. Ali, "great kid" that she is, can't help her, and shouldn't be anywhere near Lindsay. She already looks like she's getting high. Oh, I see tumultuous times coming.