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I'm So Glad There Are Finally Pictures Of Nazi Tom Cruise Circulating 20.Jul.2007

Ever since I heard that Tom Cruise was going to be starring in a Nazi movie, I have been waiting in anticipation for photographic proof. When the German Government got pissy that Scientology McGee was going to be playing Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg I became worried. They didn't want to let him film in their country and that could've meant no dress up. I respect those Germans chutzpah, but I was concerned that my need for Nazi Tom would never be fulfilled. At last!

Here is a picture of Tommy all Nazi ed out for his movie "Valkyrie". He looks dumb. I don't like him. But I am glad that he didn't get bullied out of the film, just seeing him in the uniform AND eye patch is payoff enough. I still say Hitler movies are no place for an eccentric Scientologist, but just look at his hat.