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Why, Miley Cyrus, What Gigantic Pupils You Have! Aren't You A Little Young For The Disco Dust? 16.Nov.2008

My, what big eyes you have!A few months back there was a blind item about a certain underage star openly using the marching powder with the help of her C-list daddy. Was it Miley? I've heard it makes you st-st-st-stutter.

Of course this goes against what we've already learned about Miley and her sheltered life. She's saving herself for marriage. She's right with Jesus, and has a great relationship and great respect for her parents.

Then again, this is a girl fighting a losing battle with her exploding sexuality, who can't resist baring her bod when there's a camera around. With no parental control or influence, it's only a matter of time before she ends up either pregnant or strung out. When the shit hits the fan the House of Mouse will cut her loose, and she'll be well on her way to being this generation's answer to Dana Plato.