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Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Keep Toying With Us And They Released A 10-second New Moon Clip!!! Oh My! 11.Aug.2009

Robert and KristenOh those crazy Twilight kids! They sure know how to sell tickets. After a whirlwind week with the Teen Choice Awards, in which they even managed to win more awards than skanky Miley Cyrus (the pole dance plus the trashy outfit? How did Billy Ray stand for that!) and then Ashley Greene's little nude photo shoot they have been keeping busy. Especially Robert and Kristen who were savoring their time to L.A. together by spending exclusive time together at the Chateau Marmont and then telling everyone they aren't dating. Life & StyleThey are now both arriving in Vancouver where they will pretend that they like the rest of the cast and have romantic dinner togethers and then once again say they aren't dating. The non-couple are on the cover of Life & Style Weekly this week. They showed a 2-second clip of New Moon at the Teen Choice Awards which everyone went crazy over even though it revealed absolutely nothing and was pretty much just Taylor Lautner sitting around shitless with Rapunzel hair. People can see the new full trailer for the film if they see Bandslam (that should be an ABC Family movie with Vanessa Hudgens) which was very smart because no one is planning on seeing Bandslam.New Moon