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Redmond O'neal Uses Express Lane For Rehab. Faster Than Jiffy Lube And No Criminal Charges 11.Oct.2008

Not being held responsibleIs this a joke? What does a person with a famous last name have to do in Hollywood to get serious time? Redmond has been a hard-core addict for at least four years. At one point his oldest brother, Griffin, actually tied him to the stairs to keep him home. Dad Ryan came home from a night on the town and tripped over Redmond's chain, flipped out, ended up firing a gun in the house and got his stupid ass arrested.

Redmond is still dealing with his addictions. On probation since January for DUI and possession charges, he got a little visit last month from his probation officers, who searched the house and found what looked like meth in both his and his father's room. Dad, of course, denied the drugs were his, even though it's widely rumored that he and his son have shared both drugs and hookers. Sounds pretty serious, doesn't it?

Not in Hollywood. Ryan is not facing any criminal charges, and Redmond, after admitting to the judge he had relapsed, was ordered to undergo two weeks of treatment. That's right - two weeks for addiction to meth and heroin. That should give him enough time to save up his allowance for a major binge when he gets out. According to Redmond, this was all just a "major misunderstanding", and "Life goes on, you know? " Sure sounds like he learned his lesson, doesn't it?